Daniel is planning a 6-night road trip. It will cost $310 for transportation, $275 for food, and $70 per night for a hotel room. He has $745 in savings and can earn $20 per hour tutoring. How many hours must he tutor to have enough money to pay for the trip?

Accepted Solution

Answer:13 hoursStep-by-step explanation:Number of days Daniel is planning for 6-night road tripCost of transportation =$ 310Cost for food=$ 275Cost per night for hotel= $70Total number of nights= 6Total cost for Hotel= 6×$70= $420Total cost for a trip= $ 310+ $ 275+420Total cost for a trip= $1005Savings of Daniel= $ 745 Total money to be needed= $1005-$745Total money to be needed= $260Cost of tutoring= $20Number of hours he needs to do tutoring=[tex]\frac{260}{20}[/tex]Number of hours he needs to do tutoring=13 hoursHence, the correct answer is 13 hours