Last month, when Joe took his puppy to the veterinarian, the puppy weighed 6.7 pounds. This month, the puppy weighed 9.38 pounds. What is the percentage increase of the weight of the puppy?

Accepted Solution

The percent increase is: 35.5%Step-by-step explanation:The percentage increase is given by:[tex]Percent\ increase=\frac{Increase}{Initial\ value}*100[/tex]Where[tex]Increase=New\ quantity-old\ quantity\\[/tex]Given Initial weight of puppy = 6.7 poundsNew weight of puppy = 9.38 poundsIncrease = New weight of Puppy - Initial weight of puppy=9.38-6.7 =2.68Now,[tex]Percent\ increase\ in\ weight=\frac{Increase}{Initial\ weight}*100\\=\frac{2.38}{6.7}*100\\=0.355*100\\=35.5\%[/tex]The percent increase is: 35.5%Keywords: Percent Increase, PercentageLearn more about percentage at:brainly.com/question/5102020brainly.com/question/5147732#LearnwithBrainly