nnnnneeedd help...........................Write a function that is shifted down 2 units and then reflected over the x-axis. Parent function is y = -5x - 8

Accepted Solution

Answer:1.) g(x) = 3(-x)+42.) Vertical compression by a factor of 1/3Step-by-step explanation:For the first image, "let g(x) be a vertical shift of f(x) = -x up 4 units followed by a vertical stretch factor of 3."You can stretch or compress an entire graph by multiplying the equation by a constant, C.If C > 1, it's a stretch.If 0 < C < 1 , it's a compression.So anyways, C goes in front of the parent function to transform it.With the stretch, your equation is now 3(-x)Then just go up 4 units by adding 4 to the end of your equation, g(x) = 3(-x)+4, and you're done :)2.) Referring back to what I said about compressions and stretches, multiplying a constant in front of the entire equation will be a vertical transformation.if 0 < C < 1 , it's a compression.1/3 is greater than 0 and less than 1 so it's a compression :)