You roll a die 100 times interested in finding the number of rules that come up even. Which of the following reasons is needed to satisfy the requirements for a binomial distribution?A) each outcome is easily obtainable.B) The number of times you roll the die is greater than one.C) each of the hundred outcomes can be placed in one of two categories of outcomes.D) each roll of the die has two equally likely outcomes.

Accepted Solution

Answer: Option(D) -each roll of the die has two equally likely outcomesExplanation: In probability theory, the binomial statistical distribution refers to a distinct distribution of no. of desired effects in sequential autonomous experiments, where each experiment ask a question for β€˜yes’/’no’, and each with its own probable boolean-assessed outcome.A binomial experiment must satisfy the following 4 conditions: (a) Number of trials should be fixed; (b) Every trial should be independent of another; (c) Only two outcomes are there; (d) the chance of each result from trial to trail remains